Tips for Wearing a Guayabera

April 20, 2018 4 min read

Commonly a garment for men, the guayabera is a great way to stay cool and comfortable during warmer seasons or in hotter climates while traveling. If a guayabera is not a part of your wardrobe, you may want to reconsider! Guayaberas are highly versatile and can be seen in attires from casual all the way to formal.

Today we’ll help you understand what a guayabera is, how it should fit, and how you can style it to add to your own wardrobe. Whether you’re traveling or just looking to change things up, a guayabera is a great garment for either occasion.

What Is a Guayabera?

A guayabera is typically characterized as a short-sleeved Cuban or Mexican shirt that has two-breast pockets and two pockets over the hips. A guayabera is often worn untucked. Guayaberas will commonly have two vertical rows of pleats/tuxes or embroidery. A guayabera is a straight hem garment, meaning that it is commonly worn untucked. The most common guayabera is either white or has brighter pastel coloring. The fabric is usually 100% linen or 100% cotton, depending on the area and level of quality. The warmer the region is, the lighter the weave is preferred. As time goes on and as more garment makers and tailors get their hands on guayaberas, additional variations and alterations have been made to the guayabera.

When to Wear a Guayabera

A guayabera is rather versatile when it comes to the types of occasions you can wear a guayabera to. The warmer the climate is, the more likely it is that a guayabera will be considered normal or acceptable. Generally speaking, a guayabera can be worn to most occasions where the attire has not been strictly stated. A guayabera can be worn on the beach, in the office, relaxing with friends, socializing, and even at weddings. As always, the more important the event or occasions is, the more important it becomes to verify with the event organizer about the type of attire that may be acceptable. While a guayabera may be acceptable in a similar event in one location does not mean it will be accepted for another. Each event and occasion is always a little unique.

Styling Tips for Wearing a Guayabera

The guayabera is a versatile garment and is suitable for many different people and body types. It can compliment many different people, styles, skin tones, and more. Below are tips you can use when styling your attire to accommodate a guayabera. You can always experiment and mix-and- match various styles to get a look you like!

Pair it with a panama hat.

If you are going for a laid back and casual look in a warm climate, you can pair your guayabera with a panama style hat. Combining these two can help you to exude confidence and adds to your character.

Try out different colors for your guayabera.

If you're not a fan of white or don't have other garments that you think will fit the look you're going for, try a different color! Over time, guayaberas have been introduced with additional colors. The availability of colors will depend on where you get your guayabera, but it's not uncommon for many guayabera sellers to have colors that range from bright pastels to oranges, browns and more.

Choose the right style shoe.

The best way to make your guayabera look right is to pair it with attire that matches and compliments the shirt. When choosing a guayabera, you can't go wrong with getting a new pair of shoes, too. Whether you have them or not already, a pair of loafers can be a great way to compliment footwear with your guayabera.

Undo a single top button.

When you put on your guayabera, undo the very top button of your shirt at the collar. This can help you to exude a calmer and more relaxed nature, while helping you to fit in with trends for your region, whether you’re visiting or not. Leaving a button undone can also help with ventilation and allow more air to pass through the garment to keep you cool and comfortable.

Choose guayaberas with the right fabric.

Choosing the right fabric is important for guayaberas. There are different levels of quality for guayabera production, based on location, climate and level of style you wish to achieve. There is not necessarily a wrong style, but certain guayaberas and fabrics are ideal for different scenarios. As a rule of thumb, try a guayabera that has been made with light linen or cottonas opposed to synthetic fabric.

Choosing linen or cotton will help your skin to breath more comfortably and reduce the amount of sweat you produce. The lighter the color is for your guayabera, the cleaner and fresher you will look overall, too.

Try out these styles today! When worn correctly and when following common guayabera style suggestions, you'll refine your style and develop a very clean and polished look.