Sport/Dress Shirts

Are you in the market for Sport Shirts or Dress Shirts? Penner’s is your store! We offer Sport/Dress Shirts custom off the rack, or true custom.

Custom Off the Rack

We offer a great selection of dress & sport shirts in the store year round. Our staff will measure your neck and sleeve length and will show you a great variety of shirts in your size. Once you pick out a shirt, our in-house seamstress will custom fit it to your body. We can shorten the sleeve length, take in the sides, taper the sleeves, and shorten the sleeves of the shirt. As always we do these alterations as needed  FREE  of Charge.

Some brands we carry in the store are:



True custom is where you pick from hundreds of swatches and we take about 10 different measurements of your body and custom make the shirt for you! We use a company called MEL GAMBERT which is a domestic "made-to-measure" manufacturer and these shirts range from $178-$498. When going true custom you get to literally build a shirt from scratch. For example you get to select the collar, length of the shirt, the style of the pocket (if you want a pocket), the style of the cuff, and the monogram style (if you want monogram) along with many other details.

Whether you choose to go custom off the rack or true custom you will always find the perfect shirt at Penner’s!.

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