Guayabera - The Legend

The saying is that the Guayabera shirt originated in Cuba but Mexico also claims the same. The Cuban legend has it that a farmer wanted to create a functional shirt to carry all of his necessities. His wife made the shirt and was quickly adopted by others. 2nd version is that a farmer along the Yayabo River who had the shirt designed to carry Guava (gauyaba) fruit. He wanted plentiful pockets to carry his bounty in.

Traditionally the shirt had four pockets, straight-bottom shirt with two panels of four to 10 rows of tucking (pleats), and embroidery. This shirt was designed to be loose and cool for the hot humid days and nights in Cuba. As time has evolved more renditions of the shirt were made; some with 1, 2 or no pockets. Some have embroidery and some have none.

This shirt is stood the test of time and is still worn to this day as a cultural status among men. We have shipped this shirt as far away as Africa, Japan, England, Australia, Ireland, and of course Canada just to name a few countries.

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