6 Reasons to Choose a Guayabera for Your Wedding

January 23, 2018 2 min read

There's a reason the Guayabera is known as the Mexican Wedding Shirt. The Guayabera is formal enough to be worn at the altar yet cool and comfortable enough to allow the groom to survive the tough summer months. 

1). The cool, breathable fabric makes them perfect for southern or summer weddings.

The Guayabera’s 100% cotton or 100% linen material makes them the perfect hot-weather shirt. Wearing Guayabera shirts for formal occasions has always been popular in South America, but they are becoming more popular in places like Florida and Texas due to the intense heat.

2). They are cheaper than renting/buying a tux and you can wear them forever

Our Long-sleeve Guayaberas start at $56 and come in a variety of colors. That’s about 1/3rd the price of renting a tux and you’ll be able to wear this shirt forever.

3). They've been worn formally in Latin American countries for years

Guayaberas are often worn in formal contexts including weddings in Cuba, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. In Cuba, the Guayabera was declared to be the official formal dress garment.

4). They look good with everything

Guayaberas are the perfect shirt because they match with anything and everything. They can be worn by men of any age at both formal and casual weddings.

5). They can be tailored to provide you with the perfect fit

For a more casual look, Guayaberas can be worn slightly loose fitting. However, for a formal setting, such as a wedding, you'll need a clean well-tailored look. Our Long-sleeve Guayaberas can be perfectly tailored to have you looking sharp for your big day

6). They are the perfect choice for a destination wedding

The Guayabera will keep you cool and comfortable at a beach or destination wedding. The look of the Guayabera is also the perfect fit for a beach wedding as it's both casual and comfortable.