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Florshiem Shoes in San Antonio

Workmanship and quality are the hallmarks of the trendy footwear crafted by Florshiem Shoes. Known for being ahead of the curve since the company's founding in the late 1800s, Florshiem Shoes continues to bring unique, appealing options to the market year after year.

Penner's is proud to offer you a range of Florshiem models in our shoe store. Browse through each shoe, pick the one you want and place your order online. Shipping is free on orders exceeding $99, so stock up and transform your personal men's shoe collection from the comfort of home.

Types of Florshiem Shoes

As you look through the ever-evolving collection of Florshiem shoes in our store, you'll notice a few styles that tend to pop up repeatedly. To help you pick between styles you may be unfamiliar with, look over these quick tips for a fast understanding of the difference between each shoe type:


A cap toe shoe features a toe box that's set apart from the main body of the shoe. The toe box has its own characteristics and may be subtly or radically different from the rest of the shoe. Cap-toes can be quite eye-catching and are excellent choices for pairing with business attire. They can also dress up more casual wardrobe pieces like jeans.

Medallion Toes

When you want some nuanced, handsome good looks from your shoe, reach for a lace-up medallion toe shoe from Florshiem. Medallion toes present geometric patterns on the toe of the shoe, usually in the form of textured punctures. These are your go-to shoes when you want to impress, whether for a client meeting or at a social function.

Loafers and Slip-Ons

Loafers have been a mainstay of men's footwear for generations. They're thought to have arisen from moccasins and are frequently worn as part of casual and business casual attire. Loafers are laceless, making them easy to slip on and off. However, loafers and slip-on shoes from Florshiem are slightly different because slip ons tend to be less ornate, although still highly appealing.


These aren't your western-style boots, but rather a more streamlined boot that either ends right above or several inches above the ankle. You'll find that fashion boots tend to possess a lot of shine and minimal texture. These types of boots draw the eye down, elongating the foot. They're terrific partners for both dressier trousers, slender-fit jeans and corner office khakis.


When you think of a business shoe, think of the Florshiem Oxford. Its lace-up styling never seems outdated and is always the perfect go-to option for any corporate or sophisticated setting. Looking for a more laid-back material from your oxford than traditional leather? Canvas turns up the charm and distinctiveness of any Oxford.


The wingtip shoe continues to be a bestseller among men's footwear aficionados. Wingtips are so-named because the toe is slightly pointed and flares out to the sides of the shoe. Proudly wear Florshiem shoe store wingtips in the day or evening.

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