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Johnston & Murphy Shoes in San Antonio

Boasting a legacy that goes back to 1850, Johnston & Murphy shoes have a heritage of being on-trend, high-quality choices for discerning men who want their footwear to offer both fashion and functionality.

At Penner's, we proudly offer a variety of Johnston & Murphy shoes in-store and online. Never underestimate the power that comes from being the only guy in the room sporting just-shined Johnston & Murphy wingtips, or the man in the club with the standout chukka boots!

Types of Johnston & Murphy Shoes

Our Johnston & Murphy shoe collection is updated periodically to reflect emerging styles and give you the broadest possible selection year-round. Some of the types and designs of footwear you'll regularly see from the Johnston & Murphy label include:


The hallmark of a wingtip shoe is its characteristic toe box that spreads out from a point. Plenty of wingtips carry unique, eye-catching designs along the toe to draw the viewer's eye forward and add visual interest to the shoe.


A cap-toe shoe has a more rounded tip that is set apart from the rest of the shoe by stitching that runs from one side of the shoe to the other. Thus, the cap that's formed has its own appeal and may be decorated with or formed from a different color or material to stand out even more.

Plain Toes

Plain toe shoes from Johnston & Murphy feature a rounded toe box that blends smoothly and seamlessly into the rest of the shoe. Keeping plain toe shoes shined at all times will help accentuate the crisp, clean lines of this popular type of shoe.

Chukka Boots

Chukkas have taken off on the national and international scene thanks to their streamlined appearance that goes well with just about any type of pants, from tailored trousers to relaxed jeans. Chukka boots end just above the ankle, completely surrounding and elongating the foot.


The slip-on style of shoe has risen among shoppers who want the mix of a fashion-forward shoe that's convenient to get into but doesn't look overly laid-back. Slip-ons from Johnston & Murphy tend to lean toward unique designs and textures, giving them a personality that stands out.

High-Quality Materials and Superior Footwear Engineering

As a leading brand in the footwear industry, Johnston & Murphy continues to push the envelope year after year and generation after generation. Befitting the company's heritage of designing shoes that appeal to everyone from presidents to your next-door-neighbor, Johnston & Murphy's designers take nothing for granted.

Every shoe you buy from Penner's that comes from this high-quality label has been meticulously crafted. It's hard not to notice the expert care that's gone into a Johnston & Murphy shoe. And you'll especially appreciate that any footwear you buy from their team has been built to stand the test of time.

Visit our Johnston & Murphy collection in person at our shoe store in San Antonio. Or, if you're not in the area, simply shop for the men's shoes that you need online. Step out and strut your stuff with a little help from Johnston & Murphy and Penner's!

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