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About the Stetson Hat for Men

Today, we tend to take the Stetson hat for granted because we've all heard about it and seen it in the movies for more than 100 years. But just where did the Stetson come from?

It's important to understand that the Stetson has become synonymous with a distinctive style of hat that has a broad brim and a distinctively shaped dome. However, authentic Stetsons are sold with the Stetson label and made by the Stetson company. Those are the items we sell at Penner's, so if you want a true cowboy hat in San Antonio from Stetson, we're the go-to place.

Why was the Stetson created in the mid-1800s? The original goal of the Stetson hat was to make life a little easier for cowboys and prospectors. Too many hats at the time had a narrow brim that let in the sunshine and rain. The Stetson design ensured a dry head and shaded eyes. Over time, Stetsons became synonymous with everything the public loves about the west.

How to Wear a Stetson Hat

You don't need to be a cowboy or even live in Texas to successfully wear a Stetson. In fact, you'll find men wearing Stetson Hats around the globe in all climates.

The trick to making a Stetson hat work is first finding the right design. Though Stetson hats offer similar cuts across all the styles, they each look a bit different. For instance, a straw Stetson has a playful, recreational feel that goes well with a weekend party. On the other hand, a felt Stetson exudes sophistication and traditionalism, making it terrific for use during business hours or at upscale events.

After picking the Stetson shape, color and material that catches your eye, be sure to get a correct fit. If you have hats you currently wear, look at their labels to get an accurate assessment of which size to buy. You can also measure your head at home or visit Penner's and we'll measure it for you.

When you're ready to wear your new cowboy hat, feel free to play around with the generous brim. Wear it dipped down a little, or bring it up in the front. Experiment with different looks to create a signature Stetson style that will undoubtedly become your calling card.

Western Hats in San Antonio

The Stetson may be the quintessential western hat, and we're happy to offer you a wide selection of Stetsons at Penner's. Turn up the trendiness by adding a new Stetson to your wardrobe today! You can never go wrong when you purchase an authentic, high-quality Stetson.

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