Men's Clothing Guide for the Fashionable Texan

December 04, 2019 8 min read


They say that everything is bigger in Texas. At Penner's, we know one thing for sure — Texas-style clothing is definitely larger than life in its own unique way. While some may think dressing like a Texan involves nothing more than cowboy boots and ten-gallon hats, we know that what to wear in Texas depends on where and how you live your life. Our style experts have put together this men's clothing guide to Texas fashion for men.

How Is Texas Fashion Unique?

Although we're all one country, the many diverse regions of the United States showcase their own hallmark styles when it comes to clothing. There's perhaps no better display of this difference found than by looking to Texas and its neighbors. You'll quickly notice that what to wear in Texas is much different than what a local would wear in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. What makes Texas-style clothing so unique, and why is real Texas fashion for men different than what many assume?

Let's start with the obvious — cowboy boots and cowboy hats. As cliche as these pieces may seem to the outsider, they are worn with a mix of pride and humbleness. Texans don't make a big show of dressing like a cowboy to fulfill a stereotype. Boots and hats are considered normal, everyday wear throughout the state. In fact, if you head into any dance hall, bar or restaurant on any given night without boots and a hat, you'll likely be the outlier.

Western Shirts

Of course, Texas fashion for men is more than just cowboy boots and Stetson hats. Western wear is another popular choice of apparel within our borders. Western shirts are key pieces of Texas-style clothing as well. They can be plain white cotton shirts or a little more colorful and stylized. Keep in mind that the rough and tumble cowboy lifestyle doesn't only showcase neutral colors. Many Texans wear palettes displaying bright blues, greens, yellows and lavenders. Whichever you choose, just make sure you tuck in your shirttail.

Belts and buckles are other notable hallmarks of Texas-style clothing. Leather belts are ideal, particularly if they're hand-tooled with stunning designs. You could just pick up any belt that you like, but if you really want to dress the Texan way, you're going to want to put your own unique belt buckle on it. When it comes to buckles, the bigger the better. Western shops throughout San Antonio will give you a great selection of buckles to choose from that fit your style.

Texas-style clothing is much more than the cowboy style, and you'll surely see men wearing outfits you'll find all over the country. However, Texas clothing is unique to this region in ways that were born on the ranch. Our cultural diversity includes influences from Mexico and Latin America as well as Native American Indian influences from the local tribes and Pueblos that call Texas home. We're proud of how San Antonio's people and heritage have created a Texas style that's incomparable to any other.

Your style is all your own, and you should always dress to feel confident and comfortable. If you want to know how to dress like a Texan, we suggest that you pick up a few specific items that really capture Texas fashion for men.

Must-Have Articles for Every Texas Man

Does your wardrobe need an upgrade? If you feel like your closet could use a few Texas-style clothing pieces, we're here to help. For over 100 years, men from all walks of life have trusted the professional tailors and clothiers at Penner's to help them find their fit and showcase their unique style. As you consider what you'd like to wear from day to day or on special occasions, we believe that every Texas man should have these seven items in their closet.

1. Hats

All men need a hat for relief from the bright Texas sun. Most men will have at least a few hats at the ready for different occasions. Of course, a standard ball cap is ideal, as you can slip it on wherever you go. You might consider a slick leather cap or a cap made from a cool poly and vinyon blend if the traditional baseball cap isn't your style.

We also believe that all Texas men should have a stylish hat as well. Straw hats are by far some of our most popular, followed by our felt and crushable hats. When in doubt, we recommend that every gentleman try on a Stetson and take a look in the mirror.

2. Jeans

All Guys Should Have Work Jeans, Comfort Jeans, and Dress Jeans

You've certainly got at least a single pair of jeans in your dresser, but do you have the right jeans that fit your body and needs? All guys should have three pairs of jeans — work jeans, comfort jeans and dress jeans. Your work jeans should be durable, straight-legged and ready to get the job done. Comfort jeans should feature flexible denim that stretches so you never feel constricted. A pair of dark dress jeans that are casual yet stylish are perfect for nights out on the town.

3. Western Boots

Now that you know when and where cowboy boots are appropriate, it's time for you to grab a pair on your own. What should you look for when buying western boots in San Antonio? If it's not made with genuine leather, then it's not authentic. Your cowboy boots should also feature cushioned insoles that provide you with comfort no matter how long you're on your feet.

4. Work Boots

Even though you'll love your new cowboy boots, you won't wear them at all times, which means you'll also need a sturdy pair of work boots. Depending on your style and the demands of your daily work grind, you may choose a boot that rises above the ankle or one that extends higher, similar to a cowboy boot. Traditional work boots can deliver the traction and versatility you need, while waterproof boots with a 10-inch height will keep you clean no matter how dirty the job gets.

5. Comfortable Undergarments

No matter the occasion, you've got to have the right undergarments when living in Texas. Whether you prefer crew neck, v-neck or sleeveless undershirt, make sure you choose one made from 100% combed cotton. Remember, you need to be just as comfortable on bottom as you are on top. Men who like briefs can't go wrong with a pair of Jockey classics. Those who prefer boxer briefs will love the soft, breathable, moisture-wick fabric of the Saxx Ultra collection.

6. Guayabera

Do you know what to wear in Texas when you want to stand out in style? Men throughout San Antonio will insist you get a guayabera shirt. These high-quality, distinctive shirts are available in a variety of styles and colors to perfectly complement any outfit or occasion. Authentic guayaberas are made only in Mexico, Panama and Columbia, and wearing one anywhere in the United States is sure to turn heads. Trust us — guayabera shirts are one of the definitive pieces of Texas fashion for men.

7. A Custom-Tailored Suit

A custom-tailored suit is one outfit that all men need. Whether you wear a suit to work every day or only on special occasions, there's nothing like the look and feel of a perfectly fitted suit that dresses you in confidence. Penner's carries name brand, 100% wool suits ideal for wearing in the Texas heat. We will custom tailor your suit free of charge, assuring you that you'll look fantastic, feel comfortable and showcase your confidence in daring new ways.

How to Dress Like a Texan

Hats, boots, suits, shirts, jeans and undergarments — owning a fantastic selection of Texas-style clothing isn't enough. You must also know how to dress like a Texan.

How to dress like a texan

  • Tip 1: Get a pair of cowboy boots and get them dirty. Unless you've purchased an expensive designer pair of boots made from rare materials like alligator skin or ostrich hide, don't be afraid to scuff up your boots a little. Clean, presentable boots are great for more formal occasions but such a pair worn casually will make you stand out negatively among locals. Go out dancing, riding or walking around San Antonio to break in those good-looking cowboy boots.
  • Tip 2: All pieces should complement, not clash. Even though boots and hats are iconic, you can't necessarily wear them with any ensemble. Make sure you're matching or complementing the other pieces of your outfit. For instance, match your shoes and belt leather colors. Wear a shirt color that contrasts your pants color.
  • Tip 3: Western wear always wins. Grab your western hat, your western boots and your western shirt. Slide on a pair of denim jeans, and you're ready to ride. When in doubt of what to wear in Texas, you can't go wrong with this combination. Cotton shirts are breathable and long sleeves protect your arms from UV light. A Stetson hat keeps the sun and sweat off of your brow. A comfortable pair of boots and jeans will complete a true Texan look.
  • Tip 4: Don't be afraid to make Texas-style clothing your own unique style. Although there are many opinions on how to dress like a Texan, your personal comfort should be your top priority. If you're ever unsure of what to wear in Texas, wear what you love, whether that's jeans and a T-shirt or a sport coat and smooth shoes. Texas fashion for men is classic, yet some aspects of it continue to evolve. Don't be afraid to showcase your own unique style in San Antonio.


What to Wear When You're Visiting Texas

Of course, you don't necessarily need to live in Texas to learn how to dress like a Texan. Whether you're coming for an extended vacation or you've got attachments to the Lone Star State via family or friends, you can definitely look your best sporting some Texas fashion for men. Our professional team has put together a few of our favorite Texas-style clothing combinations that you can try out to discover your style. From guayaberas to classic western wear, these outfits are sure to impress.

1. Casual Cowboy

The rugged western look is a must-have for anyone living in or visiting Texas. Let's start with the basics — a long-sleeve, button-down shirt and a good pair of sturdy yet comfortable jeans. We suggest picking up a pair of moisture-wick boxer briefs as well to stay cool even in the dead of summer. Next, you've got to grab a pair of cowboy boots to show off. Finally, top off your look with a classic Stetson hat and add a hatband to it.



2. San Antonio Style

Walk around the streets of San Antonio, and you'll notice a few different style profiles the locals wear. Some will go out to dinner with a nice pair of khakis, a smooth short-sleeve button-down shirt and a pair of sandals to enjoy the breeze off the Riverwalk. Others will simply throw on a cool t-shirt, slide on a pair of dress jeans and their favorite slip-on shoes for the night. Whichever casual style you prefer, we suggest dressing head to toe with these items.



3. Lookin' Good in a Guayabera

Looking Good in a Guayabera

The guayabera is one of the articles of men's clothing that'll truly separate you from the crowd. While visitors and new residents may immediately start rocking western wear, you'll show your true knowledge of Texas men's fashion for men with this stunning shirt. Great for casual and semi-formal events, we suggest pairing the long or short sleeve shirt with a pair of linen or wool pants. Make sure your belt matches your shoe color and cap off your look with a Panama hat.



Texas Fashion for Men Available at Penner's

Ask the best-dressed men in San Antonio where they purchased their Texas-style clothing, and they'll point you to Penner's. For over a century, our team of professional clothiers and tailors have helped men of all ages and sizes define their style while sporting Texas fashion. Whether you're new to San Antonio or have lived in the Lone Star State your entire life, we invite you to browse our diverse inventory of men's hats, shirts, boots, pants and suits.

When you need to know how to dress like a Texan or what to wear in Texas for any occasion, trust the helpful advice from your style experts at Penner's. Contact us today, and we'll get you fitted with the best Texas fashion for men in the city.