CKone by Calvin Klein- 3.4oz - H17

Clean, elegant, refined...

Do you recall the advertising for this classic masculine fragrance? Two women at a café, one of them talking about her beau, reveling in the memory of his scent, assuring the other it’s the cologne in the box with the dots. Herrera for Men in that infamous box with the dots is an unsurpassable woody and musky cologne for the confident, refined man who leaves a trail of his allure behind to the mesmerizing of anyone catching it, be it night or day. Women will pry the bottle from your hands, so take care!


Created: 1991 Type: Woody - Floral musk

 Notes Top Note: Nerolo, Citrus Fruit, Lavender, Rosemary Middle Note: Clove, Geranium Base Note: Sandalwood, Grey Amber, Tobacco

 Recommended Use Evening wear