Men's Essential Spring Fashion Tips

March 31, 2022 5 min read

Men's Essential Spring Fashion Tips

As we transition out of winter and into springtime, crisp and pleasant temperatures offer new opportunities to switch up our wardrobes. When deciding what to wear in the spring for men, it's important to think about the best materials for this season, ideal types of shirts, pants and shoes, and how to effectively layer clothing in warmer weather. In this guide to men's spring fashion, we'll cover each of these areas to help you craft the best spring outfits for men.

What Materials to Wear in Spring

Before pairing different shirts, pants and shoes to create stylish spring outfits, think about which clothing materials tend to be most suitable for spring. Below are some great examples:

  • Chambray: Chambray is a fine cloth that's typically woven from cotton or linen. While its style and appearance resemble denim, chambray material is more airy and soft. Chambray shirts usually come in shades of blue and gray, and their lightweight material makes them ideal for spring.
  • Gingham: Gingham is a cotton blend fabric that's woven from dyed yarn. Gingham shirts generally come in plaid or checkered patterns and bright colors. Their lively tones and designs make them great choices for springtime.
  • Denim: Denim is similar to chambray due to its color and appearance. However, denim is stiffer and sturdier. A pair of jeans or denim jacket pairs wonderfully with a variety of spring tops.
  • Linen and cotton: Perfectly lightweight and soft to the touch, these are classic springtime fabrics for everyone. With a variety of styles, colors and designs to choose from, linen and cotton shirts offer endless spring outfit opportunities.

As temperatures start to climb this season, avoid heavier materials such as fleece, wool and knit fabrics. These are more suitable for fall and winter.

 Men's Shirts for Spring

Shirts to Wear in Spring

Popular men's shirts to wear during spring feature styles and lightweight materials that are ideal as the weather starts to warm up.

1. Button-Downs

A linen or cotton button-down shirt is essential for the springtime season. With chambray, gingham and other colors and styles to choose from, you can never go wrong with this classic men's shirt.

If you need a stylish button-down to add to your wardrobe, consider a guayabera. This traditional Latin American button-down is ideal for a variety of settings, whether you're attending a spring or summer wedding, spending a day at the beach or simply relaxing with friends.

2. T-Shirts

For more casual wear, consider adding some crewnecks, V-necks, henleys or other short-sleeved tees to your wardrobe this spring. They pair wonderfully with denim and leather jackets and are available in a wide selection of bright and neutral colors. These shirts can be worn at sports games, outdoor gatherings and other springtime settings.

3. Polos

If you're looking for a classier outfit this spring, polos are elegant men's shirts for the season. Pair a polo with some trendy khakis, chino pants, loafers or boat shoes for a sophisticated springtime outfit.

4. Tank Tops

Depending on how warm the weather gets in your location, you may be able to wear some stylish tank tops this spring. Available in a wide selection of colors and patterns and comfortable, lightweight materials like cotton and polyester, men's tank tops are fantastic wardrobe additions. If it's not quite warm enough in your area to wear tank tops on their own just yet, layer them with a lightweight jacket.

Pants to Wear in Spring

Next, let's look at some popular men's pants to wear in the spring:

  • Jeans: Easily the most versatile pants, jeans pair wonderfully with any style, color and type of shirt. With many light- and dark-wash pairs available, you can craft a wide variety of springtime outfits with jeans. 
  • Chino pants: Whether you're going for a casual or elegant springtime look, chino pants are an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Pair them with a T-shirt and sneakers for a more casual outfit or with a polo and loafers for a classier look.
  • Cargo pants: For a trendy springtime outfit, try pairing cargo pants with some retro sneakers and your favorite tee. 
  • Khakis: Pair some tan khakis with a neutral polo and some loafers or boat shoes for an ultra-classy spring outfit.
  • Joggers: With their stretchy and soft material, joggers are the perfect springtime pants to retain comfort and style. Pair them with your choice of T-shirt along with some running shoes or other sneakers.

Shoes and Footwear for Spring

No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. Here are some ideal footwear styles for the spring season:

  • Sandals: With multiple styles and colors to choose from, sandals are an excellent addition to your springtime wardrobe.
  • Sneakers: Sneakers are the perfect way to complete a casual spring look. With an array of styles ranging from sporty to retro and many colors and designs to choose from, these shoes are a phenomenal wardrobe addition.
  • Loafers: To add some extra class to your springtime outfits, consider investing in a pair of men's loafers. Black and brown are particularly elegant color choices for these shoes.
  • Ankle boots: While boots are commonly associated with colder seasons, ankle boots can be worn year-round. Consider adding a pair to your spring wardrobe. We recommend a neutral color such as black, brown or gray to accommodate a variety of spring outfits.

Men's Spring Outerwear: How to Layer in Warmer Weather

While layering clothing is a common practice for colder seasons, you can dress in layers to create stylish springtime outfits, as well. Here are some ideas for layered outfits that can be perfect for spring.

1. Denim Jacket

Layer your outfit with a denim jacket for a casual yet classy spring look. For a stellar outfit, try pairing a plain white V-neck or crewneck with a medium- to dark-wash denim jacket. Add some black chino pants for optimal balance and contrast, then complete your look with some neutral combat boots.

2. Leather Jacket

A robust leather jacket can be an excellent spring outfit addition. Consider pairing a striped or solid color tee with a black or brown leather jacket, then top off this look with your favorite jeans and a pair of retro sneakers.

3. Windbreaker

A light and airy windbreaker jacket is perfect for the spring season. Try pairing a windbreaker in your choice of color with a tee or tank top, joggers or jeans, and sneakers for a casual layered outfit.

4. Sport Coat

For a more formal spring look, opt for a versatile sport coat. Sport coats are similar to suit jackets, but you don't need to match them to your pants, and their larger fit is a bit more comfortable. Pair a solid sport coat with a button-down shirt, khakis and loafers. To keep it casual, opt for a patterned sport coat, solid button-down, dark denim jeans and ankle boots.

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