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Penner's Custom Suits in San Antonio

Improve Your First Impressions with a Custom Suit

Are you looking to elevate your professional look? Being able to make a great first impression is important in the business world when you want to help influence positive interactions between people that you communicate with. Whether you’re a small business owner or an employee in a large commercial enterprise, being able to make a positive first impression and the ability to maintain the air of professionalism will help you succeed in a variety of different business and commercial ventures. If you’re interested in a custom shirt, suit or sport coat, Penner’s works with high end lines like Skip Gambert (for custom shirts), Hart Schaffner & Marx, S.Cohen, and Jack Victor. We focus on providing each of our clients with the best customer service and highest quality attire for a wide range of purposes, both for professional and personal purposes.

How a Custom, Tailored Suit Elevates Your Professionalism

First impressions are everything, whether it’s in business or normal social interactions. The last thing you want to do is look like someone who has little or no knowledge about how they present themselves. The clothes you choose to wear is one of the most effective ways to modify how people view you, especially on your first interaction with them. When you choose the right suit and get it custom made or tailored to your size, it’ll better suit your appearance, style and body shape. Clothing that is not tailored and fit to your shape is a great way to make a bad first impression. The best way to get clothing that’ll make a great first impression and improve your professionalism is to thoroughly understand how your style, fabric choices, proper measurements and cost can all impact your outward appearance.


On the surface to people who are not familiar with suits, there does not seem to be much variety when it comes to “style” for business suits. However, there are a variety of different suit styles and combinations of suits, custom shirts, vest, ties, pocket squares, cufflinks and more. If you have not yet explored your personal style, it may take some time to find the perfect style for you that you enjoy. At Penner’s we can help you to better understand the styling options available to you and how you can best combine different components of your attire to compliment the look you wish to achieve.


When it comes to picking out a custom suit, it helps to know how the fabric will feel and how it will impact the overall appearance you express. Comfort and fit are vital components to a custom suit, but your fabric choice doesn’t have to stop there. You also want to select a fabric that gives the look you want to achieve. You may want to stick with a standard suit that is simply customized to your body shape and measurements, or you could choose to go in a personalized direction with different colors and fabrics. You’ll be looking at options such as cotton, linen, wool, and more. Penner’s will help you decide which fabric is best for the look and feel that you want in your perfectly customized suit.


Arguably one of the most important aspects of custom suits is how well the suit fits on the wearer. When you are trying to provide an air of professionalism to everyone you come across, the last thing you want is clothing that is either too big or too small. Thankfully, with a custom suit you can get it made specifically to your measurements. This will greatly impact how people perceive you in a positive way. It’s noticeable when someone has a suit, or any type of garment for that matter, that is appropriately fitted to their body’s shape and size. For example, simply having clothing that fits well can show others (especially those that are equally focused on professionalism, quality and detail) that you value quality and attention to detail. If you can put that much effort into your choice of clothing, then it will positively reflect your arrangements in business.


When you choose to go the custom route, not only do you get to customize the style, fabric choices, and get measurements that are the best fit, but you’ll also have much greater flexibility over the pricing, unlike suits that come off the rack. This way, if you are on a tighter budget, you can choose to alter some of the characteristics of the suit (such as the type of fabric) to stay within your budget while still getting a quality, professional suit fit perfectly for you.

Basic Care Tips for Your Custom Suit

Taking care of you custom suit is important for the longevity of your wardrobe. Below are just a few basic tips to help you get more mileage out of each of your custom suits. If you would like additional care tips, make sure to contact us at Penner’s as you inquire about our custom suits, shirts and sport coats.

● Avoid dry cleaning except to take care of a stain. Dry cleaning involves the use of harsh chemicals that will break down fibers within the suit. More visits will equate to a faster breakdown process of the suit.
● Avoid wearing your suit for back to back, consecutive days. This will help more moisture evaporate and will help to remove wrinkles when left alone.
● Use a padded hanger to hang the suit jacket. Cheap plastic hangers can disfigure your suit. It’s best to go with quality hangers that are about the same size as your own shoulders.
● Use a fabric brush to regularly brush the suit. This helps to keep the suit looking clean and crisp while simultaneously helping prevent the breakdown of fabric fibers.

Get Your Custom Suit Today

Ready to get started with your own custom suit? Whether you just need a single article of clothing, like the suit jacket, custom shirt, or sport coat, or require a combination of pieces, Penner’s is here to help you elevate your personal style to appear even more professional than ever before. Don’t let improperly fit clothing keep you from making positive first impressions. Let Penner’s improve the way people perceive you during your first interaction and all those that follow.

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