Presidente Guayabera - Men's Long Sleeve | Embroidered | Polyester-Cotton Blend

Size Guide
  • Made in Merida, Yucatan Mexico, the Presidente Guayabera is custom made exclusively for Penner's! Designed with a cigar pocket and a beautiful embroidery along with pleats that run down the front and back of the shirt! The Presidente can be dressed up to wear to weddings and church or can be casual to wear out with your friends and to work!

  • Wash & Wear, 65% Polyester/35% Cotton, Comfortable & Lightweight, Custom Made in Yuctan, Designed by Penner's.

  • Machine wash cold with gentle cycle, Do not bleach, Hang Dry with cool iron if needed.

  • These unique shirts originated in Cuba and Mexico many years ago. Initially worn by farmers who used the pockets to gather their produce, they quickly became popular among other people, too. Now you will find them in closets across the country, and they're particularly popular right here in Texas, where Penner's has had its store for more than a century. Many people love Guayaberas because of their versatility. They make an equally appealing option for weddings, for nights when you hit the town with your friends or the days when you have a meeting at work. Guayaberas can be dressy or casual. You can pair them with jeans for a dress-down look, or wear them with slacks to elevate them to appropriate office attire, churches, weddings, or special occasions!