Is It Worth It to Have Your Clothes Tailored?

December 01, 2022 5 min read

Is It Worth It to Have Your Clothes Tailored?

For some men, buying clothes is effortless. For others, finding pieces with the perfect fit can be more challenging — that's where tailoring comes in. You can get your clothes tailored to fit your figure and preferences without compromising your style.

Should you have clothes tailored? Learn why simple alterations can elevate your look and confidence.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Clothes Tailored?

A common misconception surrounding tailored clothing is the cost. Many people believe tailoring is expensive, but the prices are more affordable than you might think. Today, tailoring services are within your reach, regardless of your socioeconomic status. While the exact price depends on the shop, item and alteration, many tailoring expenses can range from $10 to $75

Even if the clothing item that needs tailoring is more costly, having it tailored is worth it. A perfectly tailored clothing item can save you time and money. Rather than going back to the store, returning the item and re-purchasing it in a smaller or larger size, you can have it tailored during one appointment. The opportunity cost of tailoring is essential when deciding what to have tailored.

Factors That Impact Tailoring Costs

Factors Affecting the Cost of Tailoring

Several variables may influence how much you can expect to pay for tailoring.

  • Type of garment: The clothing item requiring alterations can affect tailoring cost. Oversized clothes like a suit jacket may cost more compared to pants.
  • Fabric: The type of material used for your clothing item can affect your tailoring price. If you have a significant alteration needed for a silk shirt, the tailor must find a fabric similar to your shirt's construction. An item's additional features, like lining or pleats, can also add to the cost if they need adjustments.
  • Necessary alterations: The primary factor that affects the price of tailoring is the type of alteration you need. A simple pant hemming doesn't require as much labor or time as replacing the inside lining of a suit jacket, so it would be less expensive. 

Average Prices for Tailored Clothing Pieces

Whether you need sleeves shortened or fabric added to a jacket to make more room, your alteration's price will vary based on how much work it takes to make it happen. The cost of tailoring also differs depending on where you go to get it done.

Here are some general price estimates for tailored clothes.

  • Taking in a suit jacket, vest or blazer: Tapering your jacket, blazer or vest can cost between $20 and $60 depending on the style of garment and if it has a lining.
  • Hemming pants: Hemming a garment is one of the most straightforward alterations tailors can do. Often, you can get your pants hemmed for $10 to $20.
  • Taking in dress shirts: Many tailors offer to take in dress shirts for $15 to $35.
  • Adjusting waistbands: Taking in a waistband is often a simple procedure that costs $20 to $25. If your tailor does extra work to remove excess fabric to accommodate the crotch and seat area, your alteration could cost closer to $50.
  • Replacing zippers or buttons: Replacing buttons and zippers is relatively easy, so you may only pay $10 to $25, depending on the garment and how many need replacing.
  • Replacing a garment's lining: Changing the lining on a garment requires more time and skill. A lining replacement could cost $50 or more.

Benefits of Tailored Clothes

Custom-made clothing helps you feel and look good, even if you aren't a fashion enthusiast. Men can enjoy several advantages of tailored clothing.

1. Keep the Clothes You Love

Sometimes, beloved clothing items don't fit quite right. Tailoring allows you to enjoy the clothes in your closet without needing to replace them. 

2. Get a Better Fit

All off-the-rack clothing items use standard measurements to fit the average person, but everyone is different. You may have distinct features that make you unique, including varying arm, leg and waist lengths. When you have clothes that don't fit well, consider getting them tailored.

Tailoring clothes ensures the perfect fit according to your body proportions and preferences. While your trousers' length may hit your ankle at the perfect spot, the waist could be too big. You don't have to compromise on one feature over the other. You could have your pants' waistband tailored to fit your proportions perfectly.

3. Embrace Your Style

Though some men prefer wearing loose, baggy clothes, you may not. Better-fitting clothes can help you feel more confident and comfortable rocking your style. 

With custom-made clothes, you have the opportunity to express yourself and wear the exact outfit you have been envisioning. While many people equate tailoring with alterations, it also allows you to add enhancements to make the item unique.

You could change your buttoned shirt's collar design, update the pocket shape or transform the cuffs to look more masculine. Your customizations can reflect your desired style. A good tailor will ensure you receive the tailoring you need to have comfortable and stylish clothes.

4. Protect Your Investment

Every piece of clothing you buy and wear is an investment, and you want to maximize each item to make its cost worth it. Tailoring helps protect your investment, making it less likely to become damaged. A well-tailored outfit ensures your clothes are not too loose that they will snag and rip, and not too tight that the seams will pop with one wrong movement.

Tailoring clothes can also strengthen the existing work. If you are getting an adjustment on your pants, your tailor could include gussets or French seams to make your garment more durable and flexible with your movements.

Which Articles of Clothing Should You Get Tailored?

While you can have almost anything tailored, you don't need to tailor everything. Focus on garments that are worth the extra effort.

  • Suits: Every man should have a custom-tailored suit. It can help you make an impression by accentuating your features while maintaining good posture. Whether attending a wedding, business meeting or cocktail party, wearing a perfectly fitted suit will help you feel confident and comfortable.
  • Trousers and jeans: Perfectly fitting pants will conform to your legs while hitting your ankles at a reasonable length — not too short or long.
  • Classic, well-made basics: Invest in tailoring your high-quality, everyday basics like linen shirts, jeans, shorts and more. Having tailored basics can elevate your look, even if you are wearing a white shirt and jeans. Tailoring your staples is worth it because they are often timeless, so you will have them for a long time.

Custom Tailoring At Penner's

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