5 Essential Shoes Every Man Should Own

February 16, 2022 5 min read

5 Essential Shoes Every Man Should Own

Many people spend all their energy on picking out the right shirt or nicest pair of pants when adding to their wardrobe. While the focus of some outfits is the top or the bottom, other clothing items like shoes and accessories are the finishing touches to an outfit that can make your style shine.

Expanding your shoe collection is simple when you search for the essential shoes for men — dress shoes, boots, sneakers, loafers and boat shoes. Each style of shoe can enhance your casual or formal outfits, allowing you to tailor each ensemble to match the occasion.

You can find these types of shoes for men at Penner's in San Antonio. We recommend every man adds these shoes to their closet to boost their personal style.  

1. Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are essential in any man's closet because of formal events, professional work attire or dressy nights out. When you're assembling an outfit for a nice event, including a pair of dress shoes can make your outfit look sharp from head to toe. With various styles and colors to choose from, it's helpful to look for a pair that is versatile and can look nice with nearly any outfit you own.

Popular styles of dress shoes include Oxford, monk strap, brogue and Derby. Every style provides a unique look and details to various outfits. You can narrow down your search by filtering through the common details dress shoes may have, such as plain toe, cap toe, wingtip, whole cut, round toe and tassels.

If you're searching for formal lace-up dress shoes, the Oxford or Derby is the shoe you want to look for. Both the Oxford and Derby styles provide a sophisticated feel to any outfit. These brown cap-toe Oxford shoes can polish an outfit with their smooth leather and quality craftsmanship.

For a more detailed shoe, check out a brogue-style dress shoe. This style of dress shoe is perfect for special occasions and can help put your best foot forward with the intricate designs on the shoe. These Johnston & Murphy Conrad brogue shoes can help add a hint of detail to your attire or you can go for a stand-out look with these Stacy Adams Dayton brogue shoes. 

If you want to add a versatile pair of dress shoes to your wardrobe, we recommend the Dockers Endow Dress Oxford shoes. This pair of shoes can look great for a formal event or a day at the office. 

2. Boots

Boots and dress boots are both versatile shoe styles to keep in your closet. Boots can range in appearance and purpose. Some boots are best for casual looks while other boots can look sharp on your next night out or if you're a guest at a wedding or other formal event. Boots can be a comfortable and versatile shoe option. It's beneficial to understand the different types of boots and how you can style them with any outfit. You'll find different styles and brands of boots at Penner's.

When you want to switch up your look at work or a nice evening out, a pair of dress boots can help complete your outfit and give it a stylish look. Dress boots are similar to dress shoes, but the top edge sits up higher past the ankle. The two types of dress boots you'll see are Chelsea boots and Chukka boots. Chelsea boots are slip-on boots that are laceless and close-fitting. Chukka boots are ankle-high shoes that have front laces.

Other types of boots are better for casual wear, including western boots and work boots. Western boots resemble your typical cowboy boot with unique designs and a high heel. Work boots are durable shoes that help protect your feet and toes from heavy or falling objects. 

If you're looking for boots that are appropriate for any time of day, go for the Johnston & Murphy Copeland Chukka boot. These boots are versatile and will be easy to incorporate in many of the outfits you have in your closet.

3. Sneakers

Casual Men's Sneakers

If you're looking for a nice pair of shoes that's more casual than dress shoes but still helps boost your style, opting for a pair of sneakers is a perfect choice. Sneakers are practical for any person who appreciates a comfortable pair of shoes.

The first type of sneaker that may come to mind is a running or active-wear sneaker like the Johnston & Murphy Activate sneaker. These shoes are perfect for a casual day or to wear during workouts.

When you're considering adding a pair of dress sneakers to your collection, check out the Stacy Adams Hawkins cap toe shoe. These sneakers can transition from a casual look to a professional outfit easily. This modern hybrid sneaker is a must-have if you want to add more versatile shoes to your wardrobe.

4. Loafers

Loafers can fit into the dress shoe category, but their unique design and style allow them to stand out on their own. Loafers provide a classic and professional look to formal outfits, but can also be dressed down with more casual daytime outfits easily. This slip-on shoe is typically made from leather and has a flat heel, which is great if you're looking for a comfortable pair of shoes.

You'll find two main types of loafers — penny loafers and tassel loafers. Penny loafers are the traditional style with a minimalistic design. The Florsheim Como loafer is a stylish and comfortable penny loafer that you can easily slip on for formal occasions or casual work outfits.

Tassel loafers can dress up your outfit with their unique design. The Stacy Adams Alberto loafer features two tassels and a snakeskin material that can enhance any outfit.

If you're looking for the best everyday loafer, we recommend the Florsheim Sportster Penny Driver loafer. These shoes have a memory foam footbed and classic look, so you can pair them with a variety of outfits.

5. Boat Shoes

An excellent shoe option for daytime outfits or casual evening outfits is boat shoes. Boat shoes have a similar structure to a loafer. They are slip-on shoes with rubber soles that provide optimal grip for wet surfaces.  If you want to add a new pair of boat shoes to your closet, check out the Dockers Glacier Casual Oxford boat shoes. 

You can also find shoes that are similar to boat shoes like the OluKai Lae'ahi sneaker or the OluKai Lae'ahi Lauhala sneaker. Both provide a similar look and elevated style to your wardrobe. 

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