How to Accessorize (For Men)

June 01, 2022 5 min read

How to Accessorize (for Men)

Men's fashion offers an array of opportunities to style different accessories such as hats, jewelry, watches and more. When deciding how to accessorize men's styles, it's important to seek out options that are stylish, comfortable, flattering and appropriate for the occasion. This complete men's accessories guide will cover some general accessorizing tips and accessories to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Men's Accessorizing Tips

General Men's Accessorizing Tips

When choosing your accessories, below are some general tips to keep in mind.

1. Keep It Simple

With any accessories, remember that less is more. Wearing multiple rings on each finger and covering your wrists in bracelets creates a cluttered and unbalanced look. Additionally, stacking more than two necklaces can crowd your neckline.

Here are some general tips to keep accessories simple:

  • Stick to two or three main colors for your whole outfit.
  • Try not to mix jewelry metals.
  • Pair bolder accessories with an understated outfit and vice versa.

2. Accommodate Your Body

Try to choose accessories that flatter your body. If you have larger hands, wrists and fingers, try thicker watches, rings and bracelets. Meanwhile, thinner jewelry bands and chains tend to complement smaller features.

Choosing a belt that flatters your natural body shape is another factor to consider. For example, if you have a triangle body shape with wider hips, you may prefer a belt that draws focus away from your midsection. Try opting for a slimmer belt with a more modest buckle.

On the other hand, if you have a more inverted triangle body shape with a slimmer waist, you may want to select a belt that accents your hips more. Try a wider belt with a slightly larger buckle if desired. By dressing for your body shape, you can create a more proportional look — experiment with different accessories and see which ones flatter your features most.

3. Match Metals to Your Skin Tone

It's important to choose clothing for your skin tone, and the same concept applies to accessorizing. Different jewelry metals tend to complement certain undertones over others. For example:

  • Cooler skin tones: Platinum, silver and white gold metals
  • Warmer skin tones: Copper, brass and gold metals
  • Neutral skin tones: Yellow and white metals

If you're unsure of your skin tone, check your wrist in natural light. If your veins are a blue or purple color, this indicates a cooler skin tone. Green veins typically indicate a warmer skin tone, and a combination of blue and green classifies a neutral skin tone.

4. Consider the Occasion

Whether you're opting for formal wear or going casual, it's important to accessorize for the specific occasion or environment. For instance, before going to work or a job interview, pick accessories that line up with the company's dress code policies and are appropriate for business casual settings. Think neutral-colored ties, conservative belts and little to no jewelry.

Meanwhile, a more casual setting such as a sports game or evening out with friends provides more freedom when choosing accessories. For these types of settings, you might consider a color-coordinated baseball cap, a pair of sunglasses or some trendy jewelry. Carefully consider the occasion when deciding what accessories to wear.

Accessories to Incorporate in Your Wardrobe (And How)

Next, let's look at some different men's accessories to include in your wardrobe.

1. Jewelry

Consider adding some men's jewelry to your wardrobe. Bracelets come in various materials such as metal, wood and leather. Some may also have small tags, charms or beads. Remember that short sleeves allow more flexibility for thick or stacked bracelets, while long sleeves tend to hide them. And if you're wearing a watch, remember to wear it on the opposite wrist from your bracelet.

Men's necklaces offer various styling opportunities as well — they tend to pair well with V-neck and collared shirts. Different styles include rope chain necklaces, beaded necklaces and dog tag necklaces. You can also wear a large or small pendant. If you're wearing any bracelets or rings, remember to match your necklace to these as well.

2. Watches

Watches are available in various styles such as automatic, mechanical, digital and analog. Additionally, they come in multiple materials and colors that offer many styling opportunities. Typically, neutral watch tones such as brown and black pair nicely with most outfits. So if you're looking for a more versatile watch, you may want to opt for one of these colors. 

Dress watches tend to be more suitable for the office, black-tie events and other special occasions — they typically come in materials such as leather or metal. On the other hand, field and sports watches tend to complement more casual outfits and settings. Like any other accessory, remember to match your watch to the occasion.

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are ideal for virtually any outdoor setting on a sunny day. Here are some different styles of sunglasses to add to your wardrobe:

  • Aviator
  • Wayfarer
  • Round
  • Square
  • Sport
  • Clubmaster

Be sure to choose a pair of sunglasses that conforms to the shape of your face. Try on a few different pairs before purchasing to see which ones fit most comfortably.

4. Bags

A trendy bag is a perfect way to complete a look. Consider styles such as messenger, briefcase, tote and backpack. While a black, brown or gray briefcase or messenger bag is more suitable for the office, a duffel or athletic bag in your choice of color is more appropriate for the gym or other casual settings. Make sure your bag fits the setting you'll be using it in.

5. Suit Accessories

For more formal occasions and events, adding suit accessories can be a great way to enhance your outfit. Here are some elegant accessories to consider:

  • Ties and bowties: Regular ties are suitable for many settings, from business casual to formal. However, bow ties are more suitable for extra formal events like weddings and elegant parties.
  • Tie clips: Tie clips are functional for securing your tie to your dress shirt. Place your clip between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt and make sure it isn't wider than your tie.
  • Cufflinks: Cufflinks are typically suitable for black-tie events and formal evening wear but can also be worn in some business settings. 
  • Pocket squares: Consider topping off your look with a simple yet tasteful pocket square. Try to match its color to your tie for a cleaner look.

6. Scarves

Scarves come in a variety of comfortable materials such as cashmere, wool, silk and cotton. They're also available in various colors and styles such as infinity, blanket, cowl and ascot. Choose a scarf size and length that accommodates the shape of your neck and material that feels comfortable against your skin. You also might consider a neutral color that pairs with many outfits.

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Shop Men's Accessories at Penner's

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