How to Wear a Blue Suit

May 03, 2023 5 min read

How to Wear a Blue Suit

First impressions count, and you can put your best foot forward with a custom-tailored blue suit. Besides knowing which shades are ideal for particular occasions, learning to choose the finest tie, shoe and accessory combinations is essential. In this guide, you'll learn the tips and secrets to help you stand out whenever you step out.

Choosing the Shade of Your Blue Suit

There are different shades of blue suits you can have in your wardrobe. Generally, dark and neutral blue suits are fit for formal events, and light-colored blue suits are reserved for semiformal and informal occasions. Then there are shades like navy blue and royal blue that fit almost any moment. Let's look at each shade closely to help you make the best decision:

1. Classic

The classic blue suit is the epitome of modernity, although you can transform it into more traditional attire with the right combination. Generally, classic blue suits are suited for semiformal occasions, especially when paired with soft-colored shirts like powdered blue and white. However, classic blue suits may also pass for formal meetings. 

2. Navy

Navy blue suits also form part of the contemporary batch but are more versatile than classic suits. Because they allow you to experiment with several color combinations, you can wear them for formal, semiformal and informal gatherings. They go with most shoes and can accommodate different accessories. For example, you can wear your three-piece navy blue suit with a paisley tie and black shoes for a formal engagement. When you lose the tie and vest, you can attend any semiformal gathering.

3. Royal

Royal suits have a contemporary and traditional blend. They ooze confidence, have a sleek look and are best for occasions where you want to stand out while keeping it classy — like a major presentation or business meeting. Royal blue suits allow you to make a luxurious statement guaranteed to impress. Because they are inherently magnificent, you may combine them with soft shirt tones and minimal accessories. 

4. Dark

If you want a traditional and sophisticated look, dark blue suits are best for you. Dark blue suits, like black or charcoal gray, are perfect for serious formal days. They allow you to make multiple color choices for shirts and accessories like socks, watches, pocket squares and ties.

5. Light

There are days when the mood is blissful — that's when you bring out the light blue suits. These are tailored for ceremonial events. Although they are bright, you can complement them with matching accessories. For example, silver cufflinks and a white pocket square would be a splendid mix.

6. Blueish White

Blueish-white or baby blue suits are designed for semiformal outings. They are playful and unique and add life to your wardrobe. You can wear baby blue suits during the warm months and make them look more casual without ties. Depending on the mood, you can throw on a bright or patterned shirt and add a beautiful hat to spice things up. 

What Color Shirts to Wear With a Blue Suit

Blue suits allow you to pick from various shirt colors and designs depending on the occasion, but let's look at the top six picks:

  • White: White shirts are the failsafe option for blue suits. They are a simple combination to pull off and perfect for any occasion, especially formal gatherings. White shirts make room for various accessories and footwear. 
  • Blue: Next to white, blue shirts are the most versatile and popular. They are ideal for several occasions and match well with all-blue suit shades. Blue shirts also allow you to add multiple accessories, such as cufflinks and pocket squares.
  • Pink: A pink shirt is appropriate for semiformal occasions. Pink shirts are bold and add personality to your looks. They also match well with vibrant accessories.
  • Gray: Gray shirts are a must-have. They help when you're unsure what to wear but prefer to look debonaire. Depending on the suit hues and accessories, you can wear them for formal and semiformal activities. 
  • Black: Typically, black shirts are reserved for informal events, such as evening cocktail parties and corporate hangouts. They work best with classic, dark and navy blue suits, although you may experiment with lighter hues. 
  • Printed: Printed shirts are fashionable. There's a wide variety of patterns available, including checks, gingham, stripes, paisley and polka dots. Printed shirts match almost all suit shades and could be semiformal or informal, depending on the patterns.

Best Ties for Blue Suits

Best Ties for Blue Suits

When it comes to blue suits, there are four ties you may combine them with — blue, pink, red and black:

  • Blue ties: One of the simplest combinations is picking a blue tie for a blue suit. Blue ties are classy, clean and official. You can match a blue tie with white or blue shirts and brown shoes, depending on what suits hue you wear. 
  • Pink ties: Pink ties are lively and usually worn during festive occasions. They add life to your appearance and look impeccable when done right. Pink ties marry well with white shirts. 
  • Red ties: Whether plain or patterned, red ties match blue suits seamlessly. They are assuring and can be worn on ordinary work days. You may be getting some positive attention, so be ready. 
  • Black ties: Black ties are the most universal. They are excellent for formal occasions. However, select a lighter tone or gray if you're going for a semiformal look. 

What Color Shoes to Wear With a Blue Suit

There are many shoe options for blue suits, but the best two colors are black and brown. Let's look at them in detail:

  • Black shoes: Black shoes are the all-time favorites regardless of the shade of suit you choose. For official events, you can pick the Oxford or brogue types. Derbies, loafers, Chelsea boots and chukka boots are appropriate for semiformal and informal occasions.
  • Brown shoes: As a rule of thumb, the lighter your suit shade, the brighter the brown shoe hue. Dark brown shoes match navy, royal and dark blue suits. You may wear tan brown shoes with classic suits or burgundy with light and baby blue suits. 

Best Accessories to Complement a Blue Suit

There are several accessories to complement your blue suit, including the following:

  • Watch: Watches do more than tell the time. They add taste to your outfit and have a way of making you look "complete."
  • Belts: Generally, the belt and shoe color should match. For example, pick a brown belt for brown shoes and a black belt for black shoes.
  • Suspenders: Suspenders are stylish. They add a traditional feel to your contemporary look and support your pants.
  • Cufflinks: Cufflinks add value to your blue suit. They make your outfit look quality and are typically worn for formal occasions.

Other common accessories include socks, tie pins, lapel pins, hats and pocket squares. 

Penner's: Your Trusted Apparel Partner Since 1916@

Penner's: Your Trusted Apparel Partner Since 1916

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