MADISON CREEK - Overland (Charcoal Herringbone)


Snow-capped peaks, picturesque rivers, and the aspens in various hues of yellow and red. The Teton vest captures the rugged beauty of Jackson and the Tetons. One side features our travel twill, and 7 pockets. The wool side on the opposite makes for two completely different looks in one vest.

10 years ago, we developed our travel twill. We set out to create a travel friendly fabric that would hold up to trips across the country or to the weekend getaway. Our travel twill is lightweight, wrinkle resistant, and durable. The 65% Cotton / 35% Polyester blend gives the fabric a soft feel, and long life. Most of the items in our Travel Twill collection have multiple pockets and other travel friendly features.

Style Description:

Reversible Vest - Travel Twill on one side and Sherpa on the Reverse Side
Zip Front Closure
Travel Trim on Collar
Travel Twill Side - 2 Lower Flap Pockets with Side Entry
Travel Twill Side - 1 Vertical, Zip Chest Pocket and 2 Horizontal, Zip Pockets Above Lower Pockets
Sherpa Side - 2 Lower Slant Pockets with Travel Twill Trim