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Find Boys’ Guayabera Shirts at Our San Antonio Shop

Finding boys’ clothing that’s nice enough for a formal occasion but comfortable enough for everyday wear can be a challenge. Our guayabera shirts are the ideal compromise. They help you stay cool in the warm San Antonio weather, their soft touch won’t scratch sensitive skin and they look fantastic on any occasion. When you need shirts your child will put on with a smile, try our guayaberas for boys.

Our guayaberas are among the most popular items we stock at our store. We sell them for men and boys, and they all share the same excellent production values. These authentic shirts are made in Mexico, where the guayabera craze has its roots. The shirts have pleats and pockets that give them an air of sophistication.

They come in short sleeves, so your child can still move around without working up a sweat. When your boys see the many styles and colors of our guayaberas, they’ll be eager to try them on and see how they look with their favorite jeans, shorts or slacks.

A Wide Selection of Guayabera Shirts for Boys

Our boys’ guayabera shirts come in a range of colors and styles. Does your child like solid colors? Patterns? We have shirts to fit their personalities. We stock a wide range of colors, too, including some shirts with two tones. If you find your child loves these shirts, buy several and get free shipping on orders of more than $99.

Other benefits of purchasing our guayaberas for boys include:

  • - Machine Washable: Let’s face it — boys’ clothing can get dirty. Our guayaberas are machine-washable, to save you the time of having to wash them by hand.
  • - Exceptional Quality: The embroidery, pleats and other details on our shirts look exquisite.
  • - Durable: These shirts will hold up over time and a great deal of usage by your active child.

Why Choose Guayaberas From Penner’s?

For more than a century, Penner’s has been the place to find the best clothing and customer service in San Antonio. Our family-owned business puts a premium on helping our customers find what they need and get the best possible deals.

We offer the complimentary assistance of our seven in-house tailors at the time of every purchase, so you can get your boy’s guayabera fitted without having to go anywhere else.

Buy Boys’ Guayaberas From Penner’s Today

Get your child the boys’ guayabera shirts he wants to wear to church, weddings, plays and other events that require more than a T-shirt. We can help by answering your questions or taking your order over the phone when you call 210-226-2487, or you can order online. We look forward to helping you with your purchase!

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